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The Special Purpose Financial Services provider created to serve your out-of-regular banking needs in a secure, easy and bank-like way. Joint American Trust Bank is a privately held direct financial services outfit. We are here to revolutionise online transactions. We provide financial services that may be difficult to get with your regular banks, go places you may not be able to go and do things you may not be able do for you per your instructions.

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Up to $20,000 this tax year Make the most of your 2020/ ISA allowance with an bank Selection Stocks and Shares ISA.
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Book an appointment You can now book an appointment online. Existing customers may prefer to log on to Online Banking to make booking even simpler.
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Ring-fencing We’re changing the way bank is structured in the US.
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Insurance Protect your family and property.
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Activate your card There are several ways to easily activate your card. Choose the option that's best for you.
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Security centre Handy tips designed to help you stay safe online.
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Helpful guides A range of guides and articles from understanding APRs to saving tips.
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Secure Key Handy demos to help you activate, reset and use your Secure Key
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Voice ID Make your voice your password for telephone banking
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Card support Activate, lost or stolen, and general card support
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PPI Payment Protection Insurance claim deadlines

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